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Industrias Camfrivent, S.L. was set up as a family-owned company in the earlies 80´s. It was stablished as a limited company in the year 1986. At the beginnig, industry has undergone highly significant changes to which we have always Known to adapt, either resources and the most specialized personnel. For that, we have extended facilities, acquired technology, fit within norms, etc… All that to offer a suitable level of quality according to a more and more competitive and demanding market.

Our investing effort is aimed at the continuous formation of workers and this is one of the most outstanding support of our manufacture success. At the same time, we count on a highly qualified team of people.

Industrias Camfrivent, S.L. is officially-approved in pressurised vessels manufacture, hot galvanised ST type evaporators and copper-aluminium SN type evaporators. We have a full experience in manufactures such as all types of serpentine coils for freezing and cool tunnels, ice water and brine tanks, etc…We make any kind of boiler and piping works, machining, stainless steel manufactures, tanks, serpentine coils, frames, aluminium productcs, assembly and maintenance.

Due to market technical requirements these works depend on the back-up of certificates. Professionalism is the main characteristic of our personnel, and together with our resources give us enough versatility for tackling any project including the assembly of our manufactures in situ.

We also have a machining and production workshop with a suitable equipment of machinery and qualified workers to assist the automobile industry. For that, we manufacture tools, stripping tools, prototypes, series of pieces, pipe bending, deep drawing, hobbing, assembly and welding.

We count on the best of back-up, our customers´ trust.

finned serpentine coils
oil separator
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